Injunuity is a Native American flute-centric roots group forged in 2007 by award winning composers Brad Clonch (Mississippi Choctaw) and Jeff Carpenter (Chickasaw). Since their inception Injunuity has released four full length albums; snatched up multiple national music awards; performed across the US and Europe; and has been featured in radio, tv, documentaries, and feature length films. 

Immediately this cultural sound and blend of genres drew attention, leading to the addition of two members; Philip Sullivan and Brian Harrison.

The inspiration drawn for all original tracks and compositions are based off the ability to experience tribal culture and life daily in Oklahoma, as well as interaction among other tribes, historians, storytellers, and even trips to the original homelands of the Chickasaw, Choctaw, and Cherokee people. Native Americans have profoundly helped shape the United States. The music of Injunuity helps revisit these times and keep them alive through song. 

Injunuity’s music promotes the introduction of Native American music and history into popular culture, helping break stereotypes about Native Americans and the music within the Indian Culture. Simply put, “we’re not your grandfather’s flute music!”


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  • Part educators, part rock-stars, part cultural preservers, this duo has been able to accomplish more in a few years than many bands are able to do in a lifetime.
    — Ada Hub
  • This album flat-out kicks it, filled to the brim with killer guitar riffs, pulse-pounding drums, and infectious flute melodies. Wow!
    — Insight Magazine
  • The music they perform, write and produce is greater than the sum of its parts. Their positive impact musically is growing, their fan base expanding, a record company loves them and so do audiences worldwide.
    — Chickasaw Times
  • The pride in their heritage and keeping it alive is what gives the music its spirit.
    — Native Times
  • They're changing the way you listen to flute music!
    — Native Radio
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